Get all the tools, knowledge and personal support to grow your business.

As Authorized Partner for Everything DiSC® and The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ and as Business Partner of Profiles International, we provide you with the expertise and guidance required for making the most out of all available tools and solutions in your or your client’s organisation.

Every year, over 1 million people experience Everything DiSC® through the direct support of a dedicated Authorized Partner worldwide. Qualified and experienced to integrate the right tools in your workplace, we remain by your side for providing tailor-made advice and working towards the desired success.

Optimal use of Everything DiSC® tools may be fully outsourced to us at Without the need for using any internal resources, you can request us to carry out any activities for you – performing DiSC assessments, holding confidential feedback sessions with participants, creating reports for improved decision-making, facilitating group trainings, guiding teams through the Five Behaviours programme, pre-employment screening and more.

On the other hand, would you prefer to become certified and apply the tools yourself in your workplace or professional practice? Consider taking part in the various certification courses available or sign up for your own EPIC account: an easy-to-use 24/7 back office environment that allows you to schedule assessment invitations, create profiles and more, hereby using your own brand. As Authorized Partner, we personally guide you through the easy set up process of the EPIC environment and the subsequent usage of all tools for optimal usage under your own steam.

Contact us today for finding out how you can benefit from the Everything DiSC®, Five Behaviors™ and ProfileXT® solutions available.