Build more effective working relationships,
turn your group of talented individuals into a strong team,
and hire the right person first time… every time!

It’s my pleasure to welcome you in the ever evolving world of strengthening the employment cycle and achieving operational excellence. It is here, where a wealth of opportunities exist and where access to tools, knowledge and experts can be gained for helping you elevating your organisation to the next level.

Whether you are new to Everything DiSC®, The Five Behaviours™ and/or ProfileXT®, or an experienced user, I am confident that all tools provided under our guidance will or continue to bring you great achievements.

My first encounter with the underlying DISC methodology was more than 10 years ago, when I experienced the barrier-breaking power of DISC in my own fast-growing workplace. By consistently implementing DISC – and soon after Everything DiSC® – I witnessed and benefited first-hand from the improved co-operations between all people involved in my organisation. This resulted in measurable advantages on any level: within specific departments, with groups, between two individuals and also during my one-to-one encounters.

These “small-effort-big-result” experiences gave me the confidence to encourage other decision-makers to do just the same: to create better working relationships in their own workplaces, to transform strong individuals into a real cohesive team, and to get down to the “DNA”-level of candidates for the hiring only the best by making justifiable hiring decisions. And this is where I increasingly contribute today: to help others making optimal use of the proven range of Everything DiSC® solutions, the revealing Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ programme and the job-matching power of ProfileXT®  – together with Executive Management, HR Directors, Team Leaders, Trainers, Coaches, Consultants and more!

I invite you to enjoy all solutions and tools presented and encourage you to reach out to us today and share your opinions. What would you need to succeed?

Herman Zandt
Certified Facilitator for Everything DiSC®
and The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™
Certified ProfileXT® Practitioner
Accredited Mediator CEDR MTI MMC
MBA (Henley)

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