ProfileXT® measures Job Fit by pre-employment screening: how suitable is a candidate for the particular job?

The optimal job match is revealed through an easy-to-follow three-step process to match the best candidate with a particular position:

Step 1. – Define your desired job specifications and preferred personal characteristics (the “Performance Model“) to exactly determine the areas in which the candidate must score for top performance. This bespoke Performance Model is based your Organisational Culture, Management Style and the characteristics of already existing Top-Performers.

Step 2. – Assess your shortlisted candidates for creating the individual Candidate Profiles based on the Performance Model characteristics.

Step 3. – Compare the Candidate Profiles with the pre-defined Performance Model to reveal the individual Job Fit Percentages, critical hiring data and any risk areas. Key findings include the JobMatch%-score and Interview Guides.

The assessment is available online and in paper form and in more than 30 languages. Completion takes around 60-80 minutes. The assessment outcome is immediately available as PDF reports for further interpretation and decision-making.

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