Did you know that the traditional recruitment & selection approach (based on background check, interviews, CV and references) gives only 26% of the total picture of the candidate?

Reveal the true candidate profile by assessing the candidate and discover the candidate’s real “DNA” for matching the total person with the particular job requirements.

More Candidate Information = Better Hiring Decision

Sources: Professor Mike Smith, University of Manchester, August 1994, John E. Hunter and Ronda R. Hunter, Validity and Utility of Alternative Predictors of Job Performance, Psychology Bulletin, Vol. 96, No. 1, 1984, p. 90; Robert P. Tett, Douglas N. Jackson, and Mitchell Rothstein, Personality Measures as Predictors of Job Performance: a Meta-analytical Review, Personnel Psychology, Winter 1991, p. 701. Michigan State University’s School of Business.

ProfileXT® is the only assessment tool available that combines the measurement of Thinking & Reasoning Style, Personality & Behavioral Style and Occupational Interests & Motivation! Available in more than 30 languages.

ProfileXT® allows for pre-screening each candidate as part of the decision-making process who to hire or promote. This candidate assessment (online, 60-80 minutes) is carried out to timely discover if the candidate:

  • CAN do the job?
  • WILL do the job?
  • ENJOYS doing the job?

Selecting the right candidate is supported by various Assessment Reports, including:

  • Performance Model Comparison – The Job Match Percentage with insights in the candidate’s Thinking Style, Personality Style & Behavioral Traits and Occupational Interests & Motivations
  • Interview Guides – Specific interview questions to investigate the candidate’s risk areas as identified through the assessment
  • Strategic Workplace & Succession Planning – Reveal candidates overall Job Match Percentage to recognise characteristics key for success in all company positions.
  • Candidate Matching – Compare selected candidates to the Performance Model and organise your upcoming interviews with the remaining candidates prior to final selection. – Reveal the candidates overall Job Match Percentage to recognise characteristics key for success in all company positions.

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