The DiSC model is a straightforward yet powerful way of depicting four main styles. These personality characteristics are abbreviated as D, i, S and C and stand for:
  • Dominance direct, strong-willed and forceful
  • Influence sociable, talkative and lively
  • Steadiness gentle, accommodating and soft-hearted
  • Conscientiousness private, analytical and logical

Whilst every individual (regardless age, cultural background, educational level etc.) is a mix of all four styles, it is common that one, two or sometimes three styles are prominent.

Therefore, every person has his or own unique style. And these styles can be measured as to reveal the related priorities. For example: John has a D style with Challenge, Results and Action as his priorities. Or, Mary has a combined iS style, prioritising enthusiasm, collaboration and support. Or, Peter has a combined CS style prioritising Accuracy, Stability and Support with an added priority of Action.

Adding many more levels and characteristics, understanding the full personal profiles are extremely important to understand: on an individual level (for greater self awareness) and in relation to others to reveal the differences and to know how to overcome these.

The magic is therefore found in revealing ones own individual style and then learning the ways how to interact more productively with the other styles.

DiSC assessments can be easily managed and completed online, which takes 15-20 minutes. Reports are generated quickly and feedback is presented to the participant in line with his/her level and duties, e.g. as team member, line manager, department leader, sales person or chief executive.

Whilst all Everything DiSC solutions are suitable as independent tools, they are sometimes used in conjunction with other personality assessment tools like Myers Briggs (MBTI).