Pre-Employment Assessments – Reduce Recruiting Costs and Time to Hire

Off-the-shelf and Customised

Why use Online Skills Tests? Because replacing employees can cost anywhere from 30% to 400% of their annual salary, depending on their level, experience and skill set. This is why modern companies use pre-employment assessment tests to make employee skill development and selection more scientific, more efficient, and less prone to bias.

Reduce recruiting costs and time to hire by including pre-employment tests in all stages of your Employment Cycle, particularly selection, on-boarding and ongoing staff training.

As Business Partner (Europe) of, serves the European market with a vast range of online skills tests for your immediate use. Choose from over 800 standard tests and more than 65,000 questions or create your own content for any job position or industry.

For an overview of the subjects covered, visit the eSkill™ Pre-Employment Assessment Library here.

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